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When I was pregnant with my first child, I took it easy during my whole pregnancy. I went to one parenting class, but that’s it. I didn’t go to birthing class, nursing class, prenatal yoga, none of it. I had babysat kids my whole life, so I thought I knew what I was in for. As soon as I went into labor, I knew I wasn’t prepared. And it scared me. Not only the idea of somehow pushing out an almost 9-pound baby, but also what would come after, and for the next 18 years.

With no type of training and very limited help, I felt like I was drowning in this giant new responsibility that I wasn’t prepared for. More than anything, I just felt like a terrible mom for not preparing myself better. I had all the opportunities and just did not take them. After giving birth, I rushed to learn everything as fast as I could.  

I asked the nurses tons of questions, called my mom daily, read tons and tons of online messaging boards, and tried to read as many books as possible. But I never really had time to sit down and read with a newborn. A really great resource that I found myself using over and over was Baby Care Mentor.

The answer to all your questions

Baby Care Mentor has a wealth of information on everything you can think of. They have information for newborns, toddlers, and children, all conveniently broken up and easy to find. The articles are very informative and not at all condescending. A lot of parenting blogs seem to be a little judgy and condescending if you are not raising your kid a certain way. But, Baby Care Mentor just gives you the facts and everything you need to know to make your own informed decisions.

Baby Care Mentor also provides tips and tricks for new parents and veteran parents alike. There is something on the site for everyone, no matter how much parenting experience you have.

They tackle topics such as the infamous breast vs bottle debate and potty training. I found both of these topics to be extremely well discussed, but again, without any condescension.

If you are already a parent, you probably know how heated things can get when you bring up breastfeeding vs formula feeding. Each side so feverishly defends their side that little conversation actually takes place. Breastfeeding moms are very quick to say “breast is best” and almost shame mothers who choose to formula feed. Which leads to formula feeding moms getting very defensive. To a new mom, this debate can be intimidating and very daunting, definitely not one you want to get in the middle of.  

Asking for advice on breastfeeding vs formula feeding in real life can be a scary thing. But, finding solace on the internet is always an easier option. And, instead of listening to misguided people, or equally judge people on random forums, Baby Care Mentor is a reliable site with trustworthy advice. You won’t find any outlandish, unproven, or questionable tips, like rubbing alcohol on your baby’s gums.

More content is constantly being added and it is a website I recommend to any parent looking for some advice. It can be a good way to just go double check whether or not baby can eat something, or a good way to learn how to do a totally new thing, such as potty training. Other things you can find on the site is product recommendations and answers to some of your most burning questions. If you don’t know the difference between all the diaper brands, or what flavors of baby food are good, Baby Care Mentor is a great place to find the answers.

Of course, no single website will have all the answers to every question you ever have, but Baby Care Mentor will probably have most of the answers and is a great place to check. Baby Care Mentor is there for you through every step of the way. With plenty of information for every stage your baby goes through, it could almost be a lifelong tool.

The best way to really learn about Baby Care Mentor is to check them out for yourself. You can see what all they have to offer and how their articles can help you. There’s no way I could possibly talk about everything they have on their website, so check them out for yourself.