bankruptcy lawyer in san diego
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Admitting you screwed up and got in over your head is a tough thing to do, but sometimes it is necessary. This was the choice I had to make when I found myself up to neck in debt and no way to possibly pay them off. I knew the longer I let it go, the more damage it would do to my credit, but I was too proud to declare bankruptcy.

Eventually, it got to be way too much. I knew bankruptcy was my only option. But, I also knew I didn’t want to file for bankruptcy by myself. I had no clue what the first step even was, so I started looking for bankruptcy lawyers. There are tons of bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego, I researched at least 12 different lawyers and didn’t even begin to scratch the surface. In the end, the one I ended up going with was BLC Law Center, which is the most recommended bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego and I couldn’t be more happy with my choice.

They were the very first law firm that popped up when I did a basic web search, with tons of great and positive reviews. From the time of my first consultation, I could tell BLC Law Center was a great fit for me. The people are extremely nice and helpful and will work with you to find any way to get you out of debt. I was super scared to file for bankruptcy, but they made the entire process a breeze and were there every step along the way.

The BLC Law Center specializes in several areas, including bankruptcy. They will regain lost wages, property, and harassment by creditors. I thought I would never get the creditors to stop calling. I told them to put my number on the no call list and everything, and they still wouldn’t stop. It was so nice to not have my answering machine full of creditor spam all the time.

They also help with foreclosures, repossessions, taxes, evictions, and more. So even if you are not facing bankruptcy, BLC Law Center can still help you. I really wish I would have known about them before it got to the point of bankruptcy for me, but it’s not too late for you.

What if I’m not in San Diego?

Even if you are not in San Diego, BLC Law Center can help you. In addition to their San Diego office, they also have offices in Vista and Los Angeles. With just one call, you can set up your first consultation, where they will go over all the possible solutions to your legal problems, for free. After that, you are charged, but it is affordable and they are willing to work with people of all income levels.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a lawyer in southern California, you can’t do better than the BLC Law Center. After going through the process of declaring bankruptcy with them, I  feel like I’m not only a more responsible person, but I’m also a better and more informed citizen. They helped me understand all of my rights, which will help me later on down the road to avoid getting into the same situation again. I am very grateful for everything they have done for me and I highly recommend them to anybody facing financial struggles. I know how embarrassing it can be, but living with crippling debt just isn’t worth it. Give them a call today for a free no-obligation consultation and then go from there. For more info, visit